BK1 Black
NA1 Natural Transparent


CPX is a low warp Polypropylene with good layer adhesion and extreme toughness. Co-Developed with Filament Innovations, CPX is most typically used for the prosthetic market, but also has been proven to create extremely tough parts for functional use in industrial and medical applications. To purchase this product please visit Filament Innovations for more information.


  • Good flexibility
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Made with raw materials shown to meet USP Class VI requirements

Additional Information:

Do you want to see real-world proof about CPX’s strength? Watch these fun videos by Dive Design.

*Test prints were made on Ultimaker S3. CPX was also optimized with Filament Innovations Ares Printer for High flow filament and FGF pellets. Parameter changes, type of printer, and environment below can affect performance and quality of final print.

Size ø Tolerance Roundness
1.75mm & 2.85mm ± 0.1mm | +/- .020mm ≥ 95%
Description Test method Typical value
Specific Gravity [g/cc] ISO 1183 0..900 g/cc
Melt Mass Flow Rate ISO 1133 0.4 gr/10 min
Impact Strength - Izod Method at 23˚C ISO 180 35.9 kJ/m²
Melting Temperature [˚C] ISO 527 230 ± 10
Elongation at Break [%] ISO 527 -
Flexular Modulus [MPa] ISO 178 810
Stress at Yield [MPa] ISO 527 19.5
Stress at Break [MPa] ISO 527 15.1
Strain at Yield [%] ISO 527 17
Strain at Break [%] ISO 527 100
Description Typical value
Nozzle temp 240-260˚C
Chamber Temp NA
Bed Temp 85-90 ˚C
Bed Material * PEI w/BuildTak Bond for PP
Print Speed 25 mm/s
Nozzle diameter 0.25-0.6mm
- Parameter changes, type of printer, and environment can affect performance and quality of final print. *Most materials will perform better if dried first at the recommended temperatures.