Research & Development

Research and Development focus

We are one of the world’s largest polymer based 3D filament manufacturers with a focus on research and development.

Special colors & effects

Don’t forget to have a look at our color overview document first, which shows all colors available from stock. Don’t see the one you want? We can help develop that too.

Special colors & effects

3D printer optimization

Printer manufacturers work with us to match hardware, software and filament in order to enable them to offer the best possible printing experience to their clients.

Our focus is to deliver a plug and play solution within the limits of the machine itself.

3D printer optimization

Filament Modifications

By means of custom formulating, characteristics of the polymer can be adjusted and tuned to our customer’s specific needs.

The printing temperature, melting behavior, flame retardancy, electrical or thermal conductivity, hardness and elasticity are examples of these adjustable characteristics.

Filament Modifications

New raw material for filaments

At the request of our partners and on our own initiative, we do analyze materials, technical data, and even product samples to continuously expand our product portfolio of new filaments for 3D printing.

New raw material for filaments
Our laboratory

Our laboratory

For modifications and new products, a fully equipped lab is available. Some examples of the properties that we can measure include:

  • Density determination: specific gravity/mass density,
  • Rheology: MFI/MFR,
  • Tensile: tensile strength/elongation/modulus,
  • Impact strength and resistance: Izod and Charpy method,
  • Vicat softening point and H(eat) D(eflection) T(emperature),
  • Thermal analysis such as: D(ifferential) S(canning) C(alorimetry), T(hermal) G(ravimetric) A(nalysis) = ash content, O(xidative) I(nduction) T(imes) and I.R. spectroscopy,
  • Moisture analysis in ppm,
  • UL94 and glow-wire flammability test,
  • Conductivity test, electrically and thermally,
  • Color measurement by means of L.A.B. values, ​
  • Accelerated UV and weatherometer testing,
  • Microscopy for digital visual rating.

Besides our stock filaments many other polymers can be used as a base for a NEW filament, such as: HDPE, PP, EVOH, PA, PC, PU, TPE, PMMA, PLLA, PBS, G_PET, A_PET, PEEK, PEI, PES and much more..

We are pleased to work together with you on filaments that meets your requirements.