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FGF Recycled PLA

PLA is one of the best sellers in the 3D printing world. Naturally, reducing the waste streams of our PLA is our priority. We found out that our RPLA (97% recycled), print performance is almost the same (if not better) as our regular PLA.


  • Post Industrial waste (>97% recycled)
  • Low “warping”
  • Limited Smell

Description Test method Typical value
Specific gravity ISO 1183 1,24 g/cc
MFR 200°C/5 kg ISO 1133 9,6 g/10min
Tensile strength at yield ISO 527 66 MPa
Tensile strength at break ISO 527 66 MPa
Elongation-strain at yield ISO 527 2,3%
Elongation-strain at break ISO 527 2,3%
Tensile modulus ISO 527 3030 Mpa
Impact strength - Charpy notched 23˚C ISO 179 3,4 kJ/m2
Vicat softening temperature ISO 306 60°C
Mold shrinkage internal method (ISO 294-4 based ) 0,3%
Description Typical value
Drying 6hr,80°C*. <250ppm
Zone 1 Temperature 175±20 °C
Zone 2 Temperature 200±20 °C
Zone 3 Temperature 215±20 °C
Mass temperature 210°C
Die temperature 240±20 °C


FGF recycled PLA is available in 20kg bag

Additional information

*As PLA materials crystallize, it is advised to either have an agitated dryer, or dry at a lower temperature for a
longer period. This avoids that the pellets stick to each other during drying.


Cool and dry (15-25˚C) and away from UV light. This enhances the shelf life significantly.
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