Organo-functional silanes contribute to optimizing the formulation of photopolymers for 3D printing, resulting in enhanced mechanical properties, improved adhesion, and better print quality.

Benefits of silanes

  • Promotion of interfacial adhesion: Specialty silanes facilitate strong bonding between different materials or layers in the 3D printing process. This ensures structural integrity and prevents delamination or separation between layers.
  • Crosslinking of the polymer matrix: Silanes aid in the formation of crosslinks within the polymer matrix, increasing its strength, durability, and resistance to deformation. This is essential for producing sturdy and reliable printed objects.
  • Water scavenging agent: Silanes can act as water scavengers, removing moisture from the printing environment or materials. This helps to prevent undesirable effects such as degradation of the polymer or interference with the curing process.
  • Coupling polymer matrix to fillers: In 3D printing, fillers are often added to improve mechanical properties or achieve specific characteristics. Specialty silanes facilitate bonding between the polymer matrix and these fillers, ensuring effective dispersion and enhancing the overall performance of the printed object.
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