ASA-X is available from stock in 7 industrial colors. For non stock colors a minimum of 40kg ± 10% is required.


NA1 Natural Transparent
BK1 Black
WH1 White
RD1 Red
BU2 Dark Blue
GY1 Iron Grey
GYB Light Grey


ASA-X is our highly modified “industrial-grade” ASA filament with many features like UV resistance, zero warp technology and excellent mechanical properties. ASA-X is the perfect replacement when you require a performance material without the problems that can arise during printing with, for example, ABS. ASA-X not only has great strength and interlayer adhesion but also features one of the best aesthetics possible with FDM 3D printing. The reliable bed adhesion will ensure a smooth printing experience. ASA-X is perfect when you are looking for beautiful and strong prints that also last outside

ASA-X features:

  • UV / Weather resistant
  • Zero warp technology
  • Excellent interlayer adhesion
  • Great strength & aesthetics
  • Reliable bed adhesion (Glass, tape & other adhesives)

Size ø Tolerance Roundness
1,75mm ø 0,05mm 95%
2,85mm ø 0,10mm 95%
Description Test method Typical value
Specific gravity ISO 1183 1,14 g/cc
MFR 220˚C (10kg) ISO 1133 13,7 g/10 min
Tensile strength at yield ISO 527 46,4 Mpa
Tensile strength at break ISO 527 29,8 MPa
Elongation strain at break ISO 527 16,2%
Elongation strain at yield ISO 527 3,6%
Tensile (E) modulus ISO 527 2090 MPa
Impact strength - Charpy notched 23˚C ISO 179 15,6 kJ/m²
Melting temp. ISO 294 230±10 °C
Vicat softening temperature ISO 306 98°C
Description Test method Typical value
printing temp. Internal method 240±10˚C


ASA-X is available in nearly any type of packaging and labelling. Ask our team to help you customizing your product.

Additional information

Recommended temperature for heated bed is ± 80-90˚C. ASA-X is printed at high temperatures to make the final product extra strong. ASA-X can be used on all common desktop FDM or FFF technology 3D printers. Storage: Cool and dry (15-25˚C). This enhances the shelf life significantly.