Our Mission

We at Mitsubishi Chemical want to provide the growing FGF (Fused Granular Fabrication) market with a complete solution for materials, and using our in-house knowledge and connections to push the FGF market towards a new stage of growth.

How do we do this?

Mitsubishi Chemical can provide our customers with added value by finding the right solution for each project and working together on design, material modification, printing performance, and market connections.

We understand what it takes to be successful in the additive manufacturing industry. Mitsubishi Chemical offers the following advantages to your business:

  • A wealth of knowledge in material development and formulating for printing
  • Dedicated Technical Centers to support material development and analysis
  • Specialized Print Labs where we can advise on the printability and design of the application
  • Dedicated extruder for creating small batch specialty materials
  • Offering virgin grade materials as well as recycled and specialty grade materials
  • We can connect appropriate companies to improve sales and make their business sustainable and scalable.

Partner with Mitsubishi Chemical to make your vision a “larger than life” reality!

Please look at our material portfolio for a list of materials which are in our standard portfolio. Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact your sales representative to develop a custom material for your needs.

Our Mission