PPX is available in Black.




A specially modified PP to print well with any printer. This material is great for non-abrasive fixturing, living hinges, covers, and general-purpose material.


  • Good flexibility
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Good layer adhesion

Size ø Tolerance Roundness
1.75mm ± 0.05mm ≥95%
Description Test method Typical value
Specific Gravity [g/cc] ISO 1183 0.890 g/cc
Melt Mass Flow Rate ISO 1133 14 gr/10 min
Impact Strength - IzodMethod at 23°C ISO 180 kJ/m²
Melting Temperature [°C] ISO 527 250 ± 10
Elongation at Break [%] ISO 527 <450%
Flexular Modulus [MPa] ISO 178 424
Stress at Yield [MPa] ISO 527 12.6
Stress at Break [MPa] ISO 527 12.7
Strain at Yield [%] ISO 527 33
Strain at Break [%] ISO 527 5
Description Typical value
Nozzle temp 250-260˚C
Chamber Temp NA
Bed Temp 75-100 ˚C
Bed Material * PEI w/BuildTak Bond for PP
Print Speed 30-50mm/s
Nozzle diameter ≥ 0.4mm


PPX is available in nearly any type of packaging and labelling. Ask our team to help you customizing your product.

Additional information

*Test prints were made on Prusa i3 with 50% fan speed.
Parameter changes, type of printer, and environment below can affect performance and quality of final print.
*Most materials will perform better if dried first at the recommended temperatures.

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