Compounding and extrusion:

Specifically to support our (FGF) customers who have the need for a material with a specific application, and do not want the risk of buying a large, untested, amount. We have dedicated production lines on which we can serve our customers with smaller batches of compounds up to 25 kg per batch to test before going BIG scale.

We can provide solutions for the biggest issues facing large scale 3D-printing such as:

  • Melt flow
  • Bed adhesion
  • Warpage/shrinkage
  • Rigidity/flexibility
  • Layer adhesion
  • And much more…

One small example is our PET Carbon which has excellent mechanical properties as well as esthetical qualities. This material has been tested on numerous large scale printers and customers love it!


Our own waste streams can, and are, being used in creating recycle grade compounds which are ideal to be used for large scale granule printing. (FGF) This way of recycling our own production waste can provide a financially attractive way to start with large scale granule printing.