PC-ABS V0 is available from stock in 1 color. For other colors a minimum of 40 kg ± 10% is required.


BK1 Black


PC-ABS V0 is a halogen-free flame retardant filament meeting the UL-94 V0 standard. Even though the high content of PC, for superb interlayer adhesion and dimensional accuracy, PC-ABS V0 still prints at ABS-like temperatures. A perfect solution in case self-extinguishing properties is required for your printed objects.

PC-ABS V0 features:

  • Flame retardant (UL-94 V0)
  • Halogen free
  • Superb interlayer adhesion
  • High surface gloss
  • Stable printing process

Size ø Tolerance Roundness
1,75mm ø 0,05mm 95%
2,85mm ø 0,10mm 95%
Description Test method Typical value
Specific gravity ISO 1183 1,17 g/cc
MFI 260ºC/5 kg ISO 1133 43 g/10min
Tensile strength at yield ISO 527 60 MPa
Elongation strain at break ISO 527 >50%
Tensile (E) modulus ISO 527 2850 MPa
Flexural modulus ISO 178 2800 MPa
Flexural strength ISO 178 110 MPa
Impact strength - Charpy method 23˚C notched ISO 179 1eA 42,5 KJ/m²
Vicat softening temp. ISO 306 104°C
Flammability-rating UL-94 V0
Description Test method Typical value
printing temp. Internal method 270±10˚C


PC-ABS V0 is available in nearly any type of packaging and labelling. Ask our team to help you customizing your product.

Additional information

Recommended temperature for heated bed is ≥100°C. We recommend kapton and / or pva glue stick for adhesion.
PC-ABS V0 can be used on all common desktop FDM or FFF technology 3D printers. Storage: Cool and dry (15-25˚C) and away from UV light. This enhances the shelf life significantly.